An open submission period, at last!

For years, the backlog of accepted poetry manuscripts at Ahsahta has prevented us from having an open reading period—we can only afford to produce so many books per year, and have often wanted to do more than one book by our authors. That’s been crowding out authors new to Ahsahta, and we wanted that situation to end. I kept telling people that I’d have a month-long submission period in 2013 and now that day has come. I’m terrified about what I’m in for. With up to 700 manuscripts for the Sawtooth, which has the disincentive (for some) of an entry fee, will I now have thousands of manuscripts to look at? Or will submissions go down without a judge like Dan Beachy-Quick or Rae Armantrout, or without the $1,500 prize? Stay tuned.

If you want to send something, here’s the link:

I wish I could say what I’m looking for, but that’s pretty well covered by our motto, “Surprise.” If you don’t know our books, take a look at the sample poems on the website, though frankly the sample poems won’t give you a sense for those books like Julie Carr’s 100 Notes on Violence, which builds as it goes along, or Dan Beachy-Quick and Matthew Goulish’s Work from Memory, which pairs a page of poetry with a page of essay and goes “landscape” when it talks about a landscape. Still, in a world in which poetry-selling bookstores are thin on the ground, our sample poems will at least give you an idea of what we do. Send me something to read.


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