Ahsahta Press is a not-for-profit literary publisher at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. As a state institution, Boise State’s funding of Ahsahta Press is contingent upon a number of factors the Press cannot control. For that reason, we’ve arranged with the Boise State Foundation for an account to further Press activities (that is, publishing, promoting, and distributing books).

Why might you want to donate to Ahsahta Press?

  • Because you support our mission to publish surprising, relevant, and accessible experimental poetry and would like to see us continue.
  • Because you would like to support the publication of a particular author or book. (We acknowledge such support within the printed book.)
  • Because you would like to support our contests by contributing to a larger or named prize. (Again, we acknowledge such support within copies of our printed books.)
  • Because you want to help us match a grant we have received.

Perhaps you have a reason we haven’t listed hereā€”but regardless of why, we are grateful for our donors more than we can say!

To donate to Ahsahta Press please visit our page at the Boise State Foundation.