Galatea Resurrects Reviews 7 Books—and Ahsahta!

When someone around the office reads the words “Ahsahta Press should be showered with money,” we think we might have taken a wrong turn in the middle of grantwriting. But these weren’t our words—they were poet and critic Djelloul Marbrook’s in his article at Galatea Resurrects. “Ahsahta’s books represent the research and development in poetics that will shape our perceptions of poetry in the 21st Century when the next century turns,” Marbrook writes. “Ahsahta is doing just what America isn’t doing enough, research and development.” Take a look at the entire article in Galatea’s Issue 20 and read the essay-reviews of Susan Tichy’s Gallowglass, Dan Beachy-Quick’s Work from Memory, Kate Greenstreet’s The Last 4 Things, Stephanie Strickland’s Zone : Zero, Brian Teare’s Pleasure, Andrew Grace’s Sancta, and Elizabeth Robinson’s Counterpart. It’s so rare to get a review that really gets a book, but I’ve never seen one that got seven at once! Marbrook even pays attention to page width and typesetting in his essay, to the difficulties of marketing avant-garde texts, and to the role poetry can play in society.

Of course I’m delighted by the attention and by his evaluation of how Ahsahta is succeeding. Given our expenses, it’s going to be necessary to write more of those grant applications, funding calls, and such, but having these words of encouragement at hand makes the whole process more do-able.


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