Open Selection and Sawtooth Runner-Up

]EXCLOSURES[ by Emily Abendroth and After-Cave by Michelle Detorie have been selected for publication by Ahsahta Press through the Open Submission period and the 2013 Sawtooth Poetry Prize competition. ]EXCLOSURES[ will be published in May 2014, and After-Cave in September 2014.

Emily Abendroth is a writer and teacher currently residing in Philadelphia. Her print publications include: NOTWITHSTANDING shoring, FLUMMOX (Little Red Leaves), Exclosures 1-8 (Albion Press), Property : None (Taproot Editions), and Toward Eadward Forward (horse less press). An extended excerpt from her piece “Muzzle Blast Dander” can be found in Refuge/Refugee (Chain Links, Vol 3). She is a recipient of the 2013 Pew Fellowship in Poetry.

Michelle Detorie lives in Santa Barbara, CA, where she edits Hex Presse and works at Santa Barbara City College. Recent works include the chapbooks Fur Birds (Insert Press, 2012), Ode to Industry (Dusie/Playful Rectangle, 2009), How Hate Got Hand (eohippus labs, 2009), Bellum Letters (Dusie 2008), and A Coincidence of Wants (Dos Press, 2007). In 2007, Michelle was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts literature fellowship, and in 2010 she won a direct-to-artist grant from the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative for her public art project, The Poetry Booth.

[Article has been edited to reflect the retitling of Michelle Detorie’s manuscript (from Fur Birds) and its adjusted publication date.]





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