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Going Home Away Indian

Leo Romero

Leo Romero’s collection Going Home Away Indian strikes a hot fusion between dreams and reality, humor and pathos, the traditional and the skewed. As the introduction by writer Joseph Somoza states, “(Romero’s) romantic, zany imagination working through a language that is simple and understated—almost flat in places—concocts a poetry that makes one laugh and wonder, often simultaneously.” Romero fashions his own modern myths and peoples them with characters like Marilyn Monroe Indian and Skeleton Indian. These dead but still very vital characters dream, lust, and wander through the landscape of the Southwest. Romero’s poems are funny, haunting, and well worth reading. Ahsahta Press also published Romero’s 1981 book Agua Negra.

Marilyn Monroe Indian

She’s an angel


Marilyn Monroe Indian

She’s an angel

See those lips

Angel lips

Always her mouth

slightly open

Her lips moist

Even in this

dry country

Marilyn Monroe Indian

is as pale white

as dry desert clouds

That’s what you imagine

when you first see her

But she’s a skeleton

Can't you see

Like Skeleton Indian

She’s been dead

twenty years

and more

Her lips are a mirage

you can say

Men dying for love

spot them right away

They want to drink

of her lips

Be made whole again

In their eyes

She is the perfect


And Marilyn

At first she is


by their wanting her

But then

her mood changes

she grows depressed

All she can do

is flirt with them

Nothing more

is possible

They are alive

and she is dead

She would kill herself

at the impossible

situation of it all

if she wasn’t

already dead


Copyright © 1990 by Leo Romero

Leo Romero author photoBorn in 1950 in Chacón, New Mexico, Leo Romero grew up in Las Vegas, New Mexico. His honors include a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, a Pushcart Prize, and a Wurlitzer Residency Fellowship. His books include Rita and Los Angeles (fiction), Agua Negra (Ahsahta) and Celso. Poems from Agua Negra and Celso were adapted into a play called I Am Celso (The Group theater company, Seattle, Washington) and toured the country. Romero's poems have appeared in a number of anthologies in the United States and Europe.