Of and Among There Was a Locus(t) won the Certificate of Excellence at the 33rd Annual Bookbuilders West (now Publishing Professionals Network) show.Claudia Keelan author photoChapbook opened to show its sectionsAuthentic Printing logo
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Of and Among There Was a Locus(t)

Claudia Keelan

This book exists in a limited edition of 100 chapbooks.

Of and Among There Was a Locus(t) is a limited-edition chapbook by Claudia Keelan designed, printed, illustrated, and bound by Jann Marson of Authentic Printing Company. The book has a unique extended do-si-do binding: a small group of short poems comprises the central signature, while two longer sequences comprise the accordion-folded outer signatures. The volume is typeset in Emigre Mrs Eaves, designed by Zuzana Licko, and letterpress printed on Mohawk and Crane papers using a Chandler & Price jobbing platen press and a Vandercook cylinder proving press.


Chapbook opened to show its sections















The First Person (Wittgenstein)


It might be useful to give human beings

Two characters

Two states lapse

Suddenly one into the other

Talk of the pair

The even days

Happened on the odd days

A composite "person" or "personality"

"Personality" hasn't got one legitimate heir

"I" is broken

The wind blows "I see,"

"I hear," "I try,"

To difference

The recognition of person is an error

Or an error has been provided

I see a broken arm

And think it my neighbor's

A bump on his forehead

On mine

I doesn't choose the mouth which says it

Something bodiless

Has its seat in our body


Copyright © 2003 by Claudia Keelan

“Claudia Keelan’s The Devotion Field fully confirms the promise of her earlier books, especially the recent Utopic. The quotidian world of what seems to be things, ‘dog food and soil,’ ‘dust and bits of paper,’ flows naturally and luminously into the world of ideas, which becomes even more palpable. ‘Into the possibilities of the next page, / Or more nearly, another day.’ The transit, returning us to where we always are, is breathtaking.”—John Ashbery


"Claudia Keelan's work is full of words which are wide and awake and being put in their place...notion of plastic language, wit, humor, religious and philosophical considerations underlies all the work in this book. Keelan isn't scared to make pictures or be simple . . . but neither is she afraid to grapple with ideas and explore notions of writing  and interior life . . . but these poems are used as stepping stones to something else: that something being poetry rather than stories told in broken lines." —Foreword


[The chapbook contains poems later reprinted in The Devotion Field, including the title poem. These review selections are from reviews of that book.]


Of and Among There Was a Locus(t) won the Certificate of Excellence at the 33rd Annual Bookbuilders West (now Publishing Professionals Network) show.

Claudia Keelan author photoClaudia Keelan, an award-winning poet whose books include Utopic and The Devotion Field, teaches at the University of Nevada–Las Vegas and edits the journal Interim. Her latest book is Missing Her (New Issues 2009); she has a book of translations of the trobairitz, Truth of My Songs: Poetry of the Trobairitz, forthcoming from Omnidawn in 2014.






JAuthentic Printing logoann G. Marson owned and operated the fine letterpress printing and book-arts firm Authentic Printing Company in Caldwell, Idaho from 1994 to 2004. Jann mothballed his print studio in 2004 to pursue graduate MA and PhD studies in art history, book history, and print culture at the University of Toronto, Canada. His research considers the contested relationship between art and politics; cultures of revolt; and strategies of political subversion in artistic, literary, and publishing outputs. In 2010, Jann received a research fellowship from the US-UK Fulbright Commission and a Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship. In 2011, he received a residency fellowship at The Getty Research Institute. Jann plans to reestablish the press after completing his graduate studies.