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  • Pages: 72
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A Fish to Feed All Hunger

Sandra Alcosser

Newly typeset and redesigned, award-winning author Sandra Alcosser’s book appears in a brand new edition with its original introduction by James Tate.

“I like the beautiful textures and contrasts in Alcosser’s descriptions, the solidity of her lines, the subtle parallels between the inhuman and the human event . . . . Alcosser writes like an Annie Dillard without the drift toward transcendence, a Gary Snyder without Zen or ecological theory. Pragmatic, autonomous, she implies a kind of connection between woman and nature which is both old and new.” —Alicia Ostriker, Poetry

“By turns tender, dark, sensuous, Sandra Alcosser’s care for language is never far from center-stage. The diction is rich and appropriate. Themes and subthemes tangle in the subconscious. They are not simple, but neither are they obscure. A Fish to Feed All Hunger challenges and rewards those still in the habit of reading. Each moment seems to have its just emphasis. In our daily lives, we are performing a series of rites for one another. And Alcosser’s sense of ritual is keen. She gives meaning when it is most needed.” —James Tate

“With A Fish to Feed All Hunger, Sandra Alcosser makes a stunning debut. The versatility of her many voices, both passionate and carefully modulated, resolves in a unity of vision. Her yoking of sex and nature turns a contemporary preoccupation that began with Theodore Roethke, via Louise Bogan, in an interesting direction. Not since the Amazons have passionate women felt so keenly the pull of life in wild places.” —Hilda Raz,The Denver Quarterly


The Trap

For Christmas I gave him a jar

of three-fruit marmalade made

with barley water. He spooned it

after dinner, admiring the color

of pore and rind.

Once again we slept together

back to back, husband and wife.

All night I wanted to turn, open

my arms, but I remembered last summer,

alone in the new place, how I watched

a mouse lick soft brie from a trap

I’d set. The spring was rusty. It took

a long time to snap.


Copyright © 1986 by Sandra Alcosser

Sandra Alcosser has published seven books of poetry, including A Fish to Feed All Hunger and Except By Nature, which have been selected for the National Poetry Series, the Academy of American Poets James Laughlin Award, the Larry Levis Award, the Associated Writing Programs Award in Poetry, and the William Stafford Award from Pacific Northwest Booksellers. She is the National Endowment for the Arts’ first Conservation Poet for the Wildlife Conservation Society and Poets House, New York, as well as Montana’s first poet laureate and recipient of the Merriam Award for Distinguished Contribution to Montana Literature. She founded and directs the Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing at San Diego State University each fall, and has directed  SDSU’s International Writers  Summer Program at National University of Ireland, Galway. In addition she is, or has been, a member of the faculty at University of Michigan, University of Montana, and Pacific University and  a writer-in-residence in Glacier National Park and Central Park, New York.  She received two individual artist fellowships from the NEA, and her poems have appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Poetry and the Pushcart Prize Anthology.